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Can We Please Run COTA Again?

COTA was one of the best NASCAR weeks of the year. Period.

Exciting races, competitive, with track position and practice/qualifying speed to help guide our picks.

Collectively, the three top NASCAR series ending with an 8+ Unit positive weekend if you took all the cards.

Chandler Smith was underpriced in Trucks, and was good for +1.6U even without winning the race. 4-1 on Trucks matchups felt good, and we'll be glad to see the Trucks back in a couple weeks.

The Xfinity bet card was predicated on being short against Bubba Wallace a few different ways and that worked well. We blew it on Allmendinger, which kept us at 3-3 on matchups, but I just couldn't trust a favorite that was priced in the +250 area. Too pricey.

Chastain led seemingly much of the day in Xfinity (before winning Cup Sunday), and was wrecked late. We had him on the card at +2500 to Win and +280 for a Top 5. Bracketed the target.

In Cup, the Chastain win was worth +4U by himself if you played him at +4000 when we sent him out as a dart early week, priced at Caesars. Also had him in Top 5 & Top 10 bets. Went 3-0 in Top 5s.

That win had been coming all season, as Chastain had racked up Top 3s and led more laps than anyone for the year. We gave him to you at +10000 as a DART to win at Fontana....where he was second.

For subs, we send you out a group of DARTs early in the week. These are guys with longer odds who have a chance to win, sure. And these guys are scored for our season record at 1/10 or 1/20 of a Unit. Only two early ones this week, BTW.

But look at that list as my glance at where lines are going to move, or lines that are out of round with lines at the other books. It's CLV Central. They are maxes and mins that interest me.

Maybe you play them differently? Use as Top 5s or Top 10s? But these are educated long shots to which I devote about a half a unit a week on the card to Win.

You can use this card however you like, and we track & score it very honestly for subs.

For purposes of money management, I try to prescribe reasonable units. But my personal plays often carry a higher risk profile. My first bets of the week were on Chastain & Reddick at +4000. And I kept adding.

Since Daytona, our early week DARTs have had three of the five eventual winners, to pay +2000 (Bowman), +4000 (Chastain) and +6000 (Briscoe). And I'm still mad I gave you Briscoe for his Phoenix win at +6000 when it dropped at +10000 at another book. Cost you guys a couple units. My fault.

On Sunday, in-play at COTA, we added Cindric from +1600 out to +2500 after the first pit cycle, and added Allmendinger at +2500 in a couple spots when opened cheap that morning. The books were still cheapening him in reaction to his poor qualifying instead of seeing his superior result Saturday in Xfinity.

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